About Progressive Energy Solutions, Inc.--Seal N Shield Products--Attic Access Insulator Attic Stair Insulator--Magnetic Shutter Cover

Progressive Energy Solutions, Inc. is a energy conservation company providing services and products since 2001. Our products are made in America. We offer the following services: Energy Audits Commercial and Industrial Facilities Remote Solar Consulting for locations that have transmitters and receivers in locations typically accessible by air only. In addition we manufacture and sell the following products: Seal N Shield Products-----Attic Stair Insulators - Attic Door Insulators - Magnetic Shutter Covers - Attic Fan Insulators - Water Heater Covers Dealer for Low-E Insulation Products: Radiant Barrier Products for use in commercial and residential construction. Many products are used after construction in the attic and crawlspace to increase R Value.